Do you want to contribute to the struggle against antisemitism and prejudice through advocacy work and education? If so, why not consider becoming a supporting member of the Swedish Committee Against Antisemitism (SCAA)?

The Swedish Committee Against Antisemitism (SCAA) works to discourage and disseminate knowledge about antisemitism and other forms of racism. The organisation is independent of all political and religious groups. With the exception of one-off grants for educational initiatives, SCAA receives no continuous government support: our operations are financed almost exclusively through the generosity of our donors and supporters.

Support membership is billed in Swedish kronor. The table below shows the approximate equivalent amounts in US dollars, euros and pound sterling.

Individual: 400 45 40 30
Family: 600 70 65 45
Student: 150 15 15 10

Annual support membership

One-off donations

If you would prefer to support our work with a one-off contribution, you can make a donation in US dollars using the donate button below.

Alternatively, to keep costs down, you may also like to consider making an international bank transfer. Our account details are as follows:

  • IBAN: SE7650000000052741006806
  • Currency code: SEK

Gift certificates

Why not honour someone special by making a tribute gift? From celebrating birthdays and anniversaries to expressing sympathy over the passing of a loved one, many people have chosen our certificates as a poignant tribute.

With your donation, we will send an elegant certificate to the recipient of your choice. After making your donation using the button for one-off donations above, simply send an email to with details of the recipient, a personal message, who the certificate is from and when you would like us to send it. We will take care of the rest!

Larger donations and grantmaking organisations

We are always willing to explore new partnerships as a way of funding both new and existing projects as well as maximising their impact. Please get in touch with to discuss your interests further!