At the SCAA, we believe you should always feel secure when providing personal information to us. This privacy policy demonstrates how we ensure that your personal information is treated in accordance with data protection legislation.

Responsibility for data protection

The SCAA is responsible for handling personal information regardless of whether this is for or on behalf of the SCAA.

When do we collect information and what information do we collect?

  • Personal information (name, email address, postal address) submitted in connection with subscriptions to our newsletter are only kept for the duration of your subscription. We delete your personal information when you unsubscribe. This also applies to web pages managed by the SCAA such as the Eternal Echoes learning resource.
  • Personal information (name, position, email address, dietary requirements, invoice address) submitted in connection with registrations for courses, conferences and information meetings are only kept for as long as is needed for administration purposes, i.e. sending course materials and evaluation surveys. This applies both to courses held by the SCAA and where the SCAA is a co-organiser.
  • Personal information (name, position, email address, postal address) submitted in connection with orders for literature are stored in accordance with accounting regulations.
  • The SCAA uses cookies and similar technologies to gather information about you or the equipment that you are using, see below.

Why does SCAA collect information about me?

The SCAA collects personal information in order to provide information on our work as well as future educational trips, courses and seminars organised or co-organised by the SCAA.

Who does SCAA provide your information to?

The SCAA will never disclose personal information to a third party.

Changes to this privacy policy

This privacy policy may be adjusted from time to time. If the SCAA makes any substantial changes to this policy, you will be informed via email before the changes come into force.

Right to demand information

If you do not want the SCAA to collect or store your personal information, this can be made in writing to the SCAA head office.

You have the right to obtain a report documenting what personal information about you is being held by the SCAA. An application for such should be made in writing and submitted to the SCAA head office. You also have the right to demand that incorrect details about you are corrected or that we remove you from our database.

If you have any queries regarding how the SCAA handles your personal information, get in touch with the head office.

Cookie policy

When you visit the SCAA webpage or webpages managed by the SCAA such as Eternal Echoes, some information may be stored on your computer. This information is stored in the form of a “cookie” or similar file. Some of these are needed in order for the webpage to function properly. They are already saved on your computer. Other cookies are used in order to enhance and simplify the user experience.