Anne Applebaum skriver i Washington Post 17/5 om hur den antisemitiska och rasistiska konspirationsteorin om ”the great replacement” sprids från högerextrema sk ”identitära” grupper in i den bredare högernationalistiska fåran i europeisk politik. Föreställningarna om att ”vita” hotas av ett ”befolkningsutbyte” eller av ”white genocide”, är på intet sätt nya, men har fått ny kraft, ökad spridning och bredare acceptans, skriver Applebaum.

Ett utdrag:

”Pay attention when you hear the phrase “Great Replacement,” which Strache [FPÖ] has used in Facebook posts: This is a secret plot, believed to be orchestrated by Jews, to replace white Europeans with Muslims, and it is the central Identitarian myth. Also pay attention when you hear talk of “defending Europe” from “invasion,” and of the need for “remigration” (or, less politely, ethnic cleansing). These are Identitarian ideas, too, and they are spreading quickly. The Institute for Strategic Dialogue in London has tracked online references to the “Great Replacement” and discovered some 1.5 million on Twitter alone. […]

To its more unbalanced adherents, fears of a “Great Replacement” create a sense of urgency, of an existential crisis that requires immediate, violent action.

I’m explaining all of this because it’s also the hidden background to a number of recent news stories. The “manifesto” published by Tarrant referred explicitly to migrant “invasions.” The synagogue shooting suspect in Poway, Calif., said he believed that “global Jewish elites” were secretly plotting to change the ethnic composition of the United States. The Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect also said Jewish organizations were bringing in “hostile invaders.” The obsession with the Jewish financier George Soros, a feature of far-right propaganda everywhere from Hungary to Alabama, is linked to this set of ideas.”

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