Den amerikansk-judiska antirasistiska organisationen ADL:s Sharon Nazarian i Haaretz (artikeln bakom betalvägg):

”While the rise of far-right populist movements, especially those tinged with anti-Semitism, should be of concern to all Jews, some have unfortunately argued in support of engagement with these parties due to their “pro-Israel” views.

This approach is a dangerous one. It is foolish to downplay or ignore the xenophobic and racist views of those movements simply because these groups express support for Israel. Many have their roots in anti-Semitism and Nazism, while others are Islamophobic and promote anti-immigrant policies. Being “pro-Israel” is no excuse for bigotry and intolerance, and we must not succumb to embracing these movements at the expense of compromising our moral compass. […]

Anti-Semitism has no political monopoly; it is equally concerning coming from the right, the left or the Muslim world.

The millennia-old hatred of Jews has seen many resurgences throughout history, often during periods when intolerance of others is presented as acceptable. Anti-Semitism does not live in a vacuum. For that reason, any effort to combat anti-Semitism must be coupled with a broad rejection of racism and bigotry of all kinds. When one kind of hatred is permitted, others will soon follow.”

Sharon Nazarian är senior vice president of international affairs vid ADL.