Under 2013 registrerades 423 antisemitiska incidenter i Frankrike. Det är färre än 2012, men fler än 2011. Den övergripande utvecklingen är oroande. SPCJ skriver i sin rapport:

The high level of antisemitic threads creates a hostile environment in which anti-Jewish statements are more common and encourage—in the short or long term—moving into action.

We can easily measure how this climate goes beyond the current quantitative report. The number of antisemitic websites, blogs, forums, and emails develops exponentially online and has yet to be recorded.

Since the year 2000 —and for 14 consecutive years— the number of antisemitic acts in France has been very high. Since 2000, the number of recorded antisemitic act is about 7 times higher than numbers recorded in the 1990s. During this period, six people were murdered because they were Jewish, including three young children.

Antisemitism in France cannot be considered anymore as a temporary situation associated with situation in the Middle East; it is a structural problem that has not been fought as such and has not been halted yet.

Racism and Antisemitism « less than 1% get 40% »: 40% of racist violence perpetrated in France in 2013 targeted Jews. However, Jews represent less than 1 percent of the French population. This means that less than 1 percent of the population is the target of 40 percent of racist physical attacks committed in France.

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